Welcome speech | 01/09/2011
Mr Kósa, President of MOKSZ

It is a true pleasure for me to see Hungary's hosting ESSENT ISU European Speed Skating Championships, as a successful application to an ISU event is always a great task. We consider it a huge achievement that we have the opportunity to host such a high-profile event in the historical environment of the world's largest open-air ice-rink, cultivating the traditions of this popular winter sport. We hope to provide an exciting, enjoyable European Championships, with additional family-friendly programs.

It is time for a rejuvenation in Hungarian Speed Skating sport. In accordance with our plans, Hungarian National Skating Federation is taking a new path with long-term plans in all fields of skating. ESSENT ISU European Speed Skating Championships is the first milestone which hopefully heightens Hungary's image, as well, as the best athletes of Europe will be accompanied by coaches, fans and friends, with a great number of media representatives, spending almost a week in Budapest.

I wish a successful competition to the participants and an enjoyable event and nice days in Budapest to the audience of the first European Championships of 2012!

Lajos Kósa
President of MOKSZ

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