1-minute interviews | 08/01/2012
After the 5000m Men's Race

– This is my first big senior international competition, so I enjoy it very much of course, I love the atmosphere, the rink and everything!
– I’m happy with finishing 4th at 500m, but I’m not really satisfied, because I can skate below 37 sec.
– Seeing all the big skaters around, watching them competing inspires me a lot, and it belongs to the atmosphere of such a big competition, I like it.

BENJAMIN MACÉ (FRA) short track
– I changed to long track skating because I like it more, I like the techniques more, and my physical build is also more suited for this – I believe I was too heavy for short track.
– I like it here in Budapest, but it’s hard competing for me in this open air rink, especially because I’m new in long track skating.
– It’s fun to meet the Hungarian short track skaters and see them cheering for me, they were good friends of mine when I was a short track skater.

HARALD SILOVS (LAT) previously short track world champion
– I wanted to try long track skating because of personal ambition, for challenge, so I started it, I had quite good results, I also competed at the Olympics, then just gave it a shot – why not?
– I love Budapest, it’s an amazing city, I’ve trained here before, the rink is great, so is the ice and I have many friends here.
– I’m satisfied with my result, but the weather is bad, which makes it harder, though it’s the same for everybody.

HAVARD BOEKKO (NOR) ECh 2011 5. 1500 1., 2008-2009 2.
– There’s no explanation why I performed so poorly today, I have no idea what has happened to me.
– I’m going to try everything to do my best tomorrow. 1500m is my strongest category, I will put everything into it.

SVEN KRAMER (NED) ECh 2007-2010 1.
– I’m happy to be back to competition after missing out for one and a half years due to an injury, I enjoy it a lot.
– After the 500m I didn’t think I could still go for a gold, but now after the 5000m it’s different – so I will fight, I will go for it!

– It would be really hard to regain the 6th place again from the 9th. My 500m was not really good, I’m not satisfied.
– I have a cold, without that maybe it would be better.
– Now it was not that windy, it felt better to compete.
– It is fine here, the environment is good, and the ice rink is beautiful.

JAN BLOKHUJSEN (NED) ECh 2011 2., WCh 3.
– It doesn’t matter that Ivan Skobrev is not here, because in turn, Sven is here and he is really good now, he is better than me and even Ivan.

MARTIN HANGGI (SUI) eldest skater at the ECH, age 43
– I still skate because I love speed skating, though it’s hard to skate using a great and beautiful technique and to skate smoothly and follow the ice well.
–I like to be with the youth, see how they skate, it cheers me to see that they skate hard.
–I love it here in Budapest, I’ve always wanted to come here once, it’s such an interesting city. We have beautiful cities also, but Budapest is more interesting.

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