1-minute interviews | 08/01/2012
After the 10000m Men's Race

HARLAD SILOVS (LAT) former short track European Champion
− I wanted to be in the top 3, but I didn’t really think I can make it, so when I realized I was on the 3rd place before the 10km race and I had a chance to finish 3rd overall, it made me a bit nervous – it put a lot of responsibility on me.
− It’s especially hard for me, because I got used the taste of winning during my short track carreer, and my personal ambition drives me further and further, so I would always want to get better and better results.
− The 10km race was very hard for me, especially because I’m not used to these circumstances, like this wind and the soft ice.

HAVARD BOEKKO ECh 2011 5. 1500 1., 2008-2009 2.
− I feel OK with the bronze medal even though I came here to win… It’s better than nothing, so I feel fine.
− The 10km race is very hard, your whole body hurts while skating, it’s not easy but I did it.
− The ice was better than in the morning, it didn’t melt and the wind has lessened as well by the 10km race, that’s why I did better on 10km then on 1500m.

− I feel very bad about finishing 4th on 10km, this is the worst that can happen to an athlete: to finish at a hair’s breadth from getting to the podium.
− I’m also sad about finishing 4th overall, it’s terrible. The reason is that my first day was very bad, though I don’t know why I didn’t do better – it’s simply the way it happened.
− Otherwise I love it here, the city is beautiful and so is the rink. I also like competing under such conditions – this gives the beauty of open air skating. It’s not the same for everyone and it creates different circumstances for skaters.

SVEN KRAMER (NED) ECh 2007-2010 1.
− I’m very happy about winning after missing out on the last season, I’m getting into a better and better shape recovering after my injury.
− 5000m is my favourite, that’s the most important for me, this is what I prepared for the most.
− I like competing here, the conditions are of course not like indoors, but it was fair, since it was the same for everyone this time. Moreover you get to know the conditions before competing, as you’re on the ice beforehand, so you know what to prepare for.
− In Moscow Ivan Skobrev will be there, I’m looking forward to compete against him. I will be in an even better shape than I am now!

− Today I have felt much better (note: he was down with a cold), so I thought I can do better than yesterday, but I didn’t. I think I can make it to the 2nd place on 1500m. I’m really happy with it, I feel great, it’s amazing!
− The 10km race also went very well, I’m satisfied. Overall I think I’ll finish 7th and for me that is good, I’m fine with it.

− I knew that I was skating close to the lane marker, but I didn’t think I would have actually touched it, so when I heard about it, my heart started throbbing in my throat – I was very afraid of disqualification.
− On 10km I tried to beat Sven, but finally I had to accept that he was simply better.
− I’m happy with the silver medal and this year it means much more to me than it did last year, because the king of allround skating is back in competition now! Sven is the best among all of us. He will be getting better and better, but so will I!

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