Competition summary of ISU | 09/01/2012
Essent ISU ESSC'2012 - Budapest (HUN)

Martina Sáblíková (CZE) and Sven Kramer (NED) were crowned the European Speed Skating Champions of 2012. It was Sáblíková’s fourth and Kramer’s fifth European title. Both won in the three longest distances.

The European Speed Skating Championships were he...

President of ISU receives Award | 09/01/2012
Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic - Officer Cross

Attila Czene, State Secretary of Sports from the Ministry of National Resources also participated in the Awards Ceremony, where Ottavio Cinquanta, the president of the International Skating Union (ISU) recieved the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic - Officer Cross from Pál Schmitt, president of the Hungarian Re...

The ice shall flare up in flames | 03/01/2012 the European Speed Skating Championships

Between the 6-8th of January 2012, the City Park Ice Rink, recently renovated maintaining its original fin de siecle style will be hosting the ESSENT ISU European Speed Skating Championships.

Kornél Pajor at the ESSC'2012 | 06/12/2011
Pajor presents his respects at the Championships

The first − and to this day only − Hungarian champion in the history of national speed skating, Kornél Pajor currently resides in Sweden where he actively works and pursues the sport further. As an architect at the moment he is busy designing a villa, but he would never neglect his favourite sport. Onc...

Inauguration of the Ice Rink | 04/12/2011
Top of the tops celebrating in the City Park Rink

50 competitors from 5 nations put the City Park Ice Rink to the test during the Future Champions Trophy Large-Rink Speed-skating Cup with success. The competition can be regarded as an ideal main rehearsal for the European Championships to be held in January 2012, providing the organizers with the opportunity to give t...

Hungarian participant qualified for ESSC | 27/11/2011
Tóth hit qualification level in Calgary to participate in EC

The Hungarian audience shall have the opportunity to support a national competitor during the ISU (International Skating Union) Speed Skating European Championships to be held between 6-8 of January in the Budapest City Park Ice Rink. Ágota Tóth has earned the right to qualify in the distance of 3000 meters in the co...

Europeans on a historical icerink | 23/09/2011
Hungary's hosting European Speed Skating Championships

On 6-8 January 2012 City Park Icerink renovated in fin-de-siecle style is hosting European Speed Skating Championships welcoming the very best speed skaters of our continent. This highly renowned international competition will not only promote skating, but also heighten Hungary’s image and further the development o...

Ready, steady... go! | 19/09/2011
HNSF team is ready to host a successful Europeans

Hungarian National Skating Federation is fully prepared for hosting 2012 ESSENT ISU European Speed Skating Championships. The organizers are committed to demonstrate that a successful competition can be held at an open-air ice-rink.             

Fish rescue at City Park | 18/09/2011
“Ice wide open” fishes are in save place!

Technology and operational test phase has recently started at new City Park Ice Rink in line with ESSC'2012 in order to welcome competitors. First of all lake water drain was completed and fish rescue was a very important issue. During the 4 month long winter season a very great fish population has grown up at Lake Cit...

Welcome speech | 01/09/2011
Mr Kósa, President of MOKSZ

It is a true pleasure for me to see Hungary's hosting ESSENT ISU European Speed Skating Championships, as a successful application to an ISU event is always a great task. We consider it a huge achievement that we have the opportunity to host such a high-profile event in the historical environment of the world's largest...

“Crash course” | 04/07/2011
Speed Skating and its European Championships

Long track speed skating is pursued on a 400 meter oval rink. All races are held in pairs, for which two lanes on the track are used. At the rear straight part, the skaters switch lanes, so that the distance covered by each skater remains the same in every lap. If both skaters emerge from the corner at exactly the same...

Speed Skating now and then | 23/06/2011
Overview on Hungarian Speed Skating

The first female national champion of speed skating was Mária Földváry Boér in 1952, who was then followed by Ilona Róka with seven consecutive championships. Then Kornélia Ihászné Magyar dominated the scene, later Zsuzsa Dénes and Judit Nagy had years of rivalry. From 1978 onwards Zsuzsa Kovácsné P. Nagy ha...

ESSC'2012 IN BUDAPEST! | 01/05/2011
European Championships to take place in Hungary

The International Skating Union (ISU) granted the organization rights of the 2012 Speed Skating European Championships to Budapest. Eleven years after the 2001 World Championships once again Budapest has been honoured to host a highly valued Speed Skating event. The decision so far is provisional to be finalized during...


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