Speed Skating results | 20/06/2011
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What would competition be worth without final results? These bring the ultimate thrill and excitement for fans and supporters - not to mention the competitors, whose life revolves around them!


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Kornél Pajor
The first − and to this day only − Hungarian speed skater ever to have won the World Championships. He became an athlete of the Budapest Skatin...

György Martos
He started his competitive skating career in 1955 which lasted for no less than 21 years. Ever since his retirement from active skating he has remained deeply i...

Emese Hunyady
There has never been a Hungarian speed skater on the top of the podium at any Winter Olympics. Or has there? Although Emese Hunyady made it to the top at t...

Krisztina Egyed
Her career lasted from 1983 to 2004 during which she collected 26 national championships and won the bronze medal at European Championships. She skated at ...

Ágota Tóth
The current big hope of Hungarian female speed skating: with several national championships under her belt she is preparing in KIA Speed Skating Academy in...

Szabolcs Szöllősi
Having won several Hungarian championships, Szabolcs is considered as the male skater with the strongest hopes to qualify for the 2014 Olympic Winter ...

Zsolt Baló
Speed skating has played a cenral role of his life for 21 years, since he was 8. Throughout the period of 1995 − 2003 he gained the Hungarian champio...

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Detailed ESSC'2012 agenda including interesting city and competition events. Families and individuals are all welcome to attend a variety of events and partake in the professional speed skating atmosphere at Városliget (City Park) in Budapest.

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